Sharing Your Voice


Have you wanted to submit your writing or start a blog and not been sure how do to either? Do you already publish your work or write a blog, but want some ideas to ignite your writing?

This workshop will be for both the person who has never submitted his or her work and for the already published author. I will share ideas for submitting your work to both online and print publications. I will also give you ideas to start a simple blog to highlight your writing. You will leave with lots of new ideas to jump start your writing practice.

We all have a story to tell and blogging in one way to share your story with others in a relatable and easily accessible way. Blogging is a vehicle through which you can get your story out there and receive feedback and affirmation.

The second half of the three-hour workshop will be about submitting your work, another way to share your voice. Sending off your writing is one great way to get feedback on your work and to share it with a broader audience.  We will discuss how to submit and places to submit your work.  The writer Elizabeth Berg said,

  • Have something to say (and you do)
  • Say it well (you can)
  • Send it out (you must)

Join me at The Spectrum Center this Saturday, February 17 from 1 to 4 pm here in Houston. To register for this $75 workshop, contact She will send directions to the Center (located in the Heights) after you register.

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